5 Best Campfire Snacks That Your Family Will Enjoy!

5 Best Campfire Snacks That Your Family Will Enjoy!

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What are the best and easiest snacks for a campfire? We have all been there when it comes to trying to think of creative ways to have snacks for a campfire and easy. But where do we start?

Over the years of camping with the kids, family, and friends you learn a thing or two to keep them happy while around the campfire. Snacks are the key to great conversation. We have found that cooking several foods and meals over the fire, these 5 easy snacks are the best!

We have the answers for you with 5 easy and simple snacks for the campfire.

  1. Pizza Rolls. Yes, we said it. The easiest and most fun snack for your family and friends. Make sure you have a small grate that has holes smaller than the pizza rolls. You don’t want to lose those to the fire.
  2. Mini Pizzas / Bagel Bites. These pack a punch for the snacker in your family and can be easily turned into a nice crisp and tasty snack. Large pizzas work well, the best choice for those is the large fresh ones in the deli.
  3. Grab a bowl of salsa and sour cream for these crunchy snacks. Cooking them over the fire makes them even better.
  4. Potato Packs. Slicing up a potato, add butter and sprinkle some seasoning and wrap them up in tin foil. Toss the wrapped packet right on the grate. You can even add chunked meat, green beans, mushrooms, and more.
  5. Jalapeño Poppers. Once you eat them over the fire you will not want to heat them in the oven again. For those that enjoy a good spicy kick, this is the best way to go.

Don’t forget your supplies to ensure that cooking over the file won’t fail you.  Make sure you have a grate, a longer spatula, and a tray to place the hot goods to as they will be toasty and company to help eat them.

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