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5 Best Campfire Snacks That Your Family Will Enjoy! What are the best and easiest snacks for a campfire? We have all been there when it comes to trying to …

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Why camping in Northern Michigan is a MUST!

Why camping in Northern Michigan is a MUST! Camping, in general, is an overall exciting experience for you and your family. Jumping at the opportunity to load up the car …

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Ever get to the campground and realize you forgot an important item? We have all been there. Check out some of the items to not forget.
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Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome To Our New Site!
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Thank you for visiting our page to keep in the know.  All of us here at Turtle Lake Campground welcome you to check out our blog posts. To learn more about our Camping, Equestrian Camping, or gander at the Maps, take a moment to learn more about us here. Our professional staff is here to answer all your questions you may have. Call us at 231-275-7353 or submit a contact us form. Our visitors travel from Traverse City, Detroit, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Chicago, and Cleveland to enjoy mother nature.

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