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Moon rise over Turtle Lake
Turtle Lake Campground
854 Miller Rd., Beulah MI 49617
PLEASE call the office for updated camping rates and current availability: 231-275-7353
Turtle Lake Campground Policies and Regulations
• Check In time is 2 pm, Check out is noon.
• We are a family-oriented campground – quiet hours are observed from 11 pm – 8 am
• We ask no more than 4 adults per site.
• Each site is allowed a maximum of one trailer and one or two tents.
• Camp fires must be attended at all times. Please dispose of campfire trash in dumpsters.
Trenching is not allowed or required due to the sandy soil.
• For everyone’s safety, we don’t allow firearms, air guns, bow & arrows, slingshots, or
• Be aware power outages can and do happen occasionally. TLC is not responsible for any lost items.
• Pets are welcome if well-behaved and on a leash. Please clean up after your pet. Pets
are not allowed on the middle beach.
• Use designated walking paths.
• Please do not disturb the beauty of the natural environment, including carving, inserting nails or hanging lanterns in tree.
• Please cleanup after yourselves when using public areas – beach areas, playground,
bathhouses, picnic areas, etc.
• Keep close lines at least 7′ off the ground for safety.
• Kayaks and canoes are available for rent. Floatation devices are required and included in the rental fee. Please see office for details and prices.
• Fishing is allowed from shore, in boats, and on marked docks; subject to DNR fishing
license requirements. Turtles, frogs, snakes and other wildlife are prohibited from being
baited and caught. If caught by accident, they should be immediately released.
• Jet skis and power boats are not allowed, it is not a big lake, but there are several large
inland lakes nearby.
• Children and pets are everywhere, please observe the posted speed limit of 7 MPH
within the campground.
• Motorcycles, mini-bikes, ATV’s etc. are allowed in the campground to access your campsite only. Other riding must be done on designated trails.
Turtle Lake Campground is 22 miles west of Traverse City and 8 miles west of Interlochen, at 845 Miller Rd., off Cinder Rd., east of County Road 669. We recommend you DO NOT not rely on your GPS unit for directions. There are several routes that might lead you over non-maintained roads that could be unsuitable for passage of a camper or RV.
Please call the campground office for local directions.